Easy Fix not working issue of Visual composer in WordPress 4.5 and upper

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Visual Composer is the most popular and widely used page builder plugin for WordPress. Visual composer provides drag and drop facility for various pre build elements. By using a visual composer plugin anyone can build a complete, attractive and professional WordPress website without coding. Most of the Premium WordPress theme used this plugin as page builder. In WordPress 4.5 and upper version the old visual composer plugin does not work. In this tutorial I will show how to fix Visual Composer in WordPress 4.5 and upper version.

What do you need to fix not working issue of Visual composer in WordPress 4.5?

  1. Website admin login
  2. Evento account login

Start fixing Visual composer

If your website used visual composer that is not a pre package of any premium theme, just uninstall and remove the visual composer then download the new version of visual composer from your evento account and install the new version to work properly with WordPress 4.5+

If your website used a pre package of visual composer, you need to do the following:

  • Login to your Evento account and go to Settings > API Keys and generate an API key.

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  • Go to your plugin page to uninstall and remove the visual composer.
  • Login to your website and Install the Envato WordPress toolkit master Plugin(if already not installed).
  • Now copy the API key and back to your website admin and click evento toolkit plugin menu where you see the option field to put your evento account username and API key. Put this two information and update.


  • Now you see a theme tab on the evento toolkit page. From where you need to update the theme that activated on your website. If you do not see a direct update option, just remove the old theme and install the new version. Before update keep backup of your old theme. If you make any change in old theme files this will go destroy.
  • Now install and active the pre package of visual composer and get working visual composer.

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