Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

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In today’s world it is more easy to access information then before. The reason is the facility of internet. Do you know, Why Your Website Should Be Responsive? People are not search only from desktops, they are using laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs. So, your websites will viewed from all different medium. As a result you need to make sure the responsive website design.

Mobile Internet – Statistics

Statistics shows that worldwide 52.64% people access internet through mobile. In Asia 65.71%, Africa 63.55%,  North America 42.41%, South America 35.8%, Oceania 36.36% and Europe 37.12% people access internet through mobile. 45% People aged 18-29, search on their smartphone daily. 70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour.

Why Your Website Should Be ResponsiveFind more statistics at Statista

How to check a responsive or non-responsive website?

Many tools available to check responsiveness of a website and most are free. Google Mobile-Friendly Test, Am I Responsive?, Responsinator, and Browserstack are best tools to test.

Impact of users

It is not a problem when a user visit website from desktop. Because, non responsive website is good to visit from desktop. But when a user visit your website from mobile or tablet, it is important to make website responsive. When a mobile or tablet user visit a non responsive website, most of the visitors leave the website. A non responsive website design can lead to losing  visitors. It decrease conversions on your site.

If you have a e-commerce website, responsive website design extremely important for you. Four out of Five customer shop online using their smart phone and more then 67% online shoppers like to buy from mobile-friendly website. The most important benefits of a mobile friendly website is increasing SEO. Google rolled out an algorithm that actually prioritized responsive websites. So, website without a mobile-friendly website are being ranked lower then a responsive website.

The Conclusion

If you are not build a responsive website will lead to some serious damage to your business. Website with slow loading time also harmful for your business. Responsive website will increase your conversion and sell. So if you still running a non responsive website, redesign your website as responsive.

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